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One week National level Short Term Training Program on “RESEARCH TRENDS IN DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF ALGORITHMS WITH R-PROGRAMMING” was organized by Department of Computer Engineering of Zeal college of Engineering and research during 4th to 8th  Dec 2017. Total 34 participants from various engineering institutes and industries across Maharashtra state had participated in this workshop.

The aim of this STTP was to bring active and emerging topics of Design of algorithms to describe our beliefs about how the world functions. In mathematical modeling, we translate those beliefs into the language of mathematics. There is a large element of compromise in mathematical modeling. The majority of interacting systems in the real world are far too complicated to model in their entirety. Mathematical modeling can be used for a number of different reasons.

Design and Analysis of algorithm is systematic way of writing algorithms. It increasingly being applied in the practical fields of mathematics and Computer Science. This STTP is intended to elaborate the fundamental concept like Divide & Conquer, Greedy Algorithm, Dynamic Programming, Backtracking, and Branch & Bound along with the tractable and intractable problems. This STTP is also focusing on various algorithms used in   data analytics used in data analysis using R programming and Machine learning.


  • To study the fundamental concept of Design and analysis of algorithm.
  • To discuss problem salving abilities using mathematical theories.
  • To discuss concept of computer algorithms to find the optimal solution.
  • To discuss concept of analyzing the performance of algorithms.
  • To discuss concept of P & NP problems.
  • To study the implementation of innovative and effective teaching learning methodologies for imparting the course knowledge amongst the students /learners of the subject.
  • To formulate problems precisely, salve the problems, apply formal proofs techniques and explain the reasoning clearly.
  • To discuss applications of DAA, R programming Machine Learning.
  • To explore the concepts of discrete mathematics with its Engineering Application
  • To provide new insights and knowledge about the topic through close interactions/discussions with the senior Faculty Members/Scientists and Experts of the respective field.
  • To study how discrete objects combine with one another.
  • To understand how computer implementations are significant in applying ideas from discrete mathematics to real world problem
  • To learn appropriate use of set, function and relation models to understand practical examples, and interpret the associated operations and terminologies in context.
  • To determine number of logical possibilities of events and to learn logic and proof techniques to expand mathematical matur
  • Formulate problems precisely, solve the problems, apply formal proof techniques, and explain the reasoning clearly.

Various experts from industries and academic institutes had contributed to this workshop by their able guidance. Following topics get covered in this workshop.


1.        DAA basics and advance. by Dr. P. J. Kulkarni, Deputy Director, WCE, Sangli.


2.        Optimization problems and Heuristic Algorithms by Dr. A. C. Admuthe.


3.      Problem salving by using different methods by Dr. Parikshit N. Mahalle, BOS, Chairman, IT, SPPU, Pune.


4.        Genetic algorithms, Evolutionary algorithms and ANN Prof. Abhijit A. M.


5.      Complexity theory by Sunil Shelke, PICT Pune.


6.      About R programming by Prof. S. P. Pundlik, Pune.


7.      Supervised learning by Dr. Prachi Joshi.


This Short term training program was inaugurated by Dr . P. J. Kulkarni, Deputy Director, WCE, Sangli,Dr. Parikshit N. Mahalle BOS, Chairman, IT, SPPU, Pune, Dr.Prachi Joshi, SPPU, Pune, Dr. Sanjay A. Deokar, Campus Director Zeal Education Society,  Dr.  A.M.Kate  principal  Zeal  college  of  Engineering   and   Research, Dr. Prasad S. Halgaonkar (shift-I) and Dr. Swapnaja A. Ubale (shift-II)  Head of Computer Engineering Department, ZCOER.

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Drone Workshop

Zeal College of Engineering and Research, organizes Drone Workshop on 15 July 2017.  Workshop conducted by experts from Drona Aviation Pvt Ltd. SINE IIT Bombay.  In this workshop experts delivered a session on technical aspects of Drone, assembly of Drone Components and their functionality.  Total 128 Students participated from various colleges and enjoyed a lots.  Some of the glimpse of workshop…

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Parent Teacher’s Meeting @ Computer Engg. Department

Parent Teacher’s Meeting was organized and conducted by the Department of Computer Engineering of Zeal College of Engineering and Research on 11th August 2017.

The meeting started with the Sarswati Poojan and a welcome speech by Head of the Department (Shift I), Dr. Prasad S. Halgaonkar and Head of Department (Shift II), Dr. S. A. Ubale. Heads of Department briefed the gathering (of 60 parents) about the activities and also explained how the department offers the best possible learning environment for the students. Subsequently student’s attendance, academic performance and other special programs have been briefed to the parents.

Principal Dr. A. M. Kate, elaborated on various activities being conducted by the college for the development of students. Training and Placement Officer Prof. V. H. Barge discussed about training and placement activities being conducted. Registrar Mr. Prashant Bhalerao discussed the importance of parents monitoring for the progress of students. Program concluded with vote of thanks proposed by Dr. Prasad S. Halgaonkar, he expressed gratitude towards Executive Director Shri. Jayesh Katkar and Campus Director Dr. Sanjay Deokar, for their support and guidance.

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Short Term Training Program on ‘Discrete Mathematics & Mathematical Modeling’

Computer Engineering and Information Technology Department of Zeal College of Engineering in association with Indian Society of Technical Education (ISTE) had organized one week Short Term Training Program on ‘Discrete Mathematics & Mathematical Modeling’ on 6th to 10th June 2017. This STTP was attended by about 110 teachers and post graduate students from Maharashtra and other states.

Objective of the workshop was to make aware participants about applications of discrete mathematics in various fields of Computer Engineering and Information Technology. The  participants   benefitted  immensely  and  got  new  insights  and  knowledge  about  the  topic  through  close  interactions with the Senior Faculty Members and Experts from IITs, State Universities, etc.

STTP was inaugurated at the auspicious hands of Executive Director of Zeal Education Society Prof. Jayesh Katkar and Campus Director Dr. Sanjay Deokar.

Faculties and students were trained on Discrete Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling by eminent academicians such as Dr. Om Prakash (IIT Patna), Dr. Swanand Khare (IIT Kharagpur), Dr. Charushila Deshpande, Dr. B. N. Waphare, Dr. Parikshit Mahalle, Dr. Sunil Dhore, Prof. S. S. Shelke, Prof. Barde.

Under valuable guidance of Dr. Ajit Kate (Principal, ZCOER), Prof. S. M. Sangve (HOD, Computer) and Prof. S. U. Kadam (HOD IT) this programme was successfully conducted. This workshop was co-ordinate by Prof. U.L.Talware and Prof. A.R. Sheikh

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Achievers make us feel proud….

Achievers make us feel proud…..

and felicitating such toppers is our prime responsibility. Pune is a city of knowledge and it is very much obvious that such ceremonies happen in the city.

Zeal Education Society believes in maintaining this legacy and taking it forward. With this mission Zeal Education Society had arranged GRADUATION CEREMONY for 2016 engineering batch.

The event was organized on 01.02.2017 at the campus. It is our legacy to have eminent educationalist on our campus for such ceremonies.

In 2017 the graduation ceremony event was graced by the august presence of Dr. Pandit Vidyasagar (Vice Chancellor, SMRT University, Nanded), Shri. S.M. Katkar (Founder Director, Zeal Education Society)

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Cycle Rally

After the successful launch and inauguration of the campaign, the next event is cycle rally. This cycle rally was conducted on January 12 2017, which is also celebrated as the National Youth Day all over India.

The rally was inaugurated by Dattawadi Traffic Department Police Sub-Inspector Mr. Subrao Lad, Mr. S.M. Katkar (Founder Director, Zeal Education Society), Mr. Jayesh Katkar (Executive Director, Zeal Education Society), Dr. Sanjay Deokar (Campus Director, Zeal Education Society), Dr. Ajit Kate (Principal, Zeal College of Engineering and Research) and coordinated by Prof. Sunil Sangve (HoD, Computer Engineering Dept.)

The rally started at 7:00 am from Saras Baug and concluded at Zeal Education Society’s Narhe campus at 8:30 am. 500 students and 100 staff members partook in this rally. The main objective of the rally is to make students, civilians and all sections of our society aware about the ill effects of pollution. The aim was to bring down current air and noise pollution. It is also a step towards making Pune a ‘Smart City’.

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Zeal Maths Olympiad Round II for Western Maharashtra Region was successfully conducted in Zeal Campus.

On 11th December 2016, Zeal Maths Olympiad Round II for Western Maharashtra Region was successfully conducted in Zeal Campus.

Students from Kolhapur, Solapur, Sangli and Satara regions enthusiastically participated in the ZMO Round II.

The event was augmented in the presence of Dr. B N Jajoo as a chief guest. He addressed all students on the subject like why engineering, personality development, placement preparation etc. His valuable thoughts and exclusive suggestions made the event additional edify.

This initiative of ZEAL is to support mathematical talent among junior college students in Maharashtra; also Zeal has taken the responsibility for searching and training the youth today for engineering career prospectus.

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Zeal Education Society felicitated Prof. Rajesh Kashyap (ZIBACAR) and Prof. Swapnaja Ubale (Computer Engineering)

On 8th December, 2016, Zeal Education Society felicitated Prof. Rajesh Kashyap (ZIBACAR) and Prof. Swapnaja Ubale (Computer Engineering) for successful completion of their Ph.D. degree.

With this felicitation, management always motivate achievers and expects more aspirants.


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