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Career Opportunities for Engineering Student – Mr. Rahul Shrivastava

Engineers play a vital role in nation-building. However the students these days are clueless as to what opportunities await them post completion of their degree. Sensing the urgent need to fill this information gap, Zeal College of Engineering and Research had organized an enlightening webinar on 13th February, 2021 on the topic “Career Prospects in Engineering” whose chief speaker was Mr. Rahul Shrivastava, a seasoned Engineering professional with 15+ years experience in the field of Engineering and Consulting. Mr. Shrivastava delivered a brilliant session which was much appreciated by all the attendees, students and faculty alike.

Data Science – Ms. Trupti Jadhav

Data is the new oil of the future. Keeping in step with the emerging trends which are going to prevail far into the future, ZCOER organized an informative webinar on Data Science on the 3rd of February, 2021. This webinar was conducted by a professional who has nearly two decades of experience in the field of Data Science working with Fortune 500 companies, Ms Trupti Jadhav. Data is the new science and holds the answers to the questions of the modern and increasingly complex world. Ms Jadhav was truly a beacon of information to answer the questions of the students in this regard and share numerous valuable insights, drawing from her illustrious experience.

Expert Lecture on “Skill Development

The E&TC Department of Zeal College of engineering and research arrange various kind of Guest Lecture on continuous basis to enhance students practical & technical skill and make them compatible with industry. To fulfill departmental goal and industry knowledge student association ‘ETHOS’ of Electronics & Telecommunication department has organized “Expert Lecture on Skill Development” on 26th January 2018 for Third year and Final year students. For this lecture we have invited eminent personality Mr. Pradeep Jaswani who is a Regional Head Telecom Sector Skill Council (TSSC), India. This Lecture was encouraged and supported by Head of the E&TC Dept. Dr. S.D.Shirbahadurkar & coordinated by Prof. S.J.Banarase & Prof. S.D.Nanaware.

The expert lecture was aimed to provide a knowledge about skill development in various fields like Industry, Academic & Innovative

Sindhutai Sapkal Ashram Visit

Objective – To Understand the Social Work of Sindhutai Sapkal.

On Wednesday, 25th February 15 MBA students & one faculty member of Zeal College of Engineering & Research have participated in Sindhutai Sapkal Ashram Visit. The day fantastically started in early morning where more than 15 students were came at Zeal Campus. All students were present in the campus in Uniform. All students have departure towards Sindhutai Sapkal Ashram at 9am from college.

All the students have managed to reach at decided place upto 11am. Students have taken the group photo at the entrance with official personnel of Ashram. The formal session was started at 11.30 where Vidya Tai has given brief explanation about how ashram runs & Mai able to manage all the ashrams. Vidya Tai also explained the struggle story of Sindhutai and asked encourage people to visit at ashram in future. At 12.30 all students have met to Sindhutai Sapkal where students asked her the questions and Sindhutai have given the answers in her style.

It was perfect experience to all the students to understand the management of the Sindhutai Sapkal Ashram as well as taking active part in to Visit.

Prof.Sachin Wadekar
Activity Coordinator

Dr.Rishikaysh kaakandikar
HOD, Department of Management

Shiv Srusti

Department of Management has organised short visit at Shiv Srusti Ambegaon Pune on 17/02/2020.

Objective: – To understand Shivaji Maharaj as Management Guru.

After attending first two lectures students MBA students were carried to Shiv Srusti Ambegaon by college Bus. They were welcomed by Dr. Apate.  Then students were asked to gather in Auditorium of Sarkarwada.; where he has given presentation on going Shiv Srusti project. As he has done on Ph. D. on Shivaji Maharaj and his Management policies, He elaborated Shivaji Maharaj’s management practice with suitable examples. His examples showered light on, how Shivaji Maharaj’s management practices meets with current management practices.

Mr.Bagal S.R.
Activity Co-ordinator

Dr.Rishikaysh kaakandikar
HOD, Department of Management

Lokmat Maha Marathon

Objective – Develop Physical strength & mental aletrtness in Mind of budding managers.

On Sunday, 16th February fifty five MBA students & five faculty members of Zeal Education Society have participated in “Lokmat Maha Marathon.” The day started in early morning where more than 55 students were came at Zeal Campus. All students have received KIT for the Marathon in the campus. All students have departure towards Balewadi Stadium at 5 am from college.

The marathon place was fully crowded and students were excited to run. The marathon was organized for various catagories like 21 Km, 10Km, 5Km & 3Km. Our all students have participated in 5Km segment.  Many people across the Maharashtra were present for the event. Students have done necessary warm up at the beginning & then they have taken part in to marathon. 5Km marathon have started at 6 am in the morning. All the students from MBA have participated actively and completed marathon successfully. Our two students have secured rank in top 10 for 5Km marathon. The entire completed participants have received Medal. After having the breakfast at stadium students have captured some photos and came back to institute at 10am.

It was such a great experience to all the students to understand the management of the entire marathon program as well as taking active part in to it.

Prof.Sachin Wadekar
Activity Coordinator

Dr.Rishikaysh kaakandikar
HOD, Department of Management