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One week National level Short Term Training Program on “RESEARCH TRENDS IN DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF ALGORITHMS WITH R-PROGRAMMING” was organized by Department of Computer Engineering of Zeal college of Engineering and research during 4th to 8th  Dec 2017. Total 34 participants from various engineering institutes and industries across Maharashtra state had participated in this workshop.

The aim of this STTP was to bring active and emerging topics of Design of algorithms to describe our beliefs about how the world functions. In mathematical modeling, we translate those beliefs into the language of mathematics. There is a large element of compromise in mathematical modeling. The majority of interacting systems in the real world are far too complicated to model in their entirety. Mathematical modeling can be used for a number of different reasons.

Design and Analysis of algorithm is systematic way of writing algorithms. It increasingly being applied in the practical fields of mathematics and Computer Science. This STTP is intended to elaborate the fundamental concept like Divide & Conquer, Greedy Algorithm, Dynamic Programming, Backtracking, and Branch & Bound along with the tractable and intractable problems. This STTP is also focusing on various algorithms used in   data analytics used in data analysis using R programming and Machine learning.


  • To study the fundamental concept of Design and analysis of algorithm.
  • To discuss problem salving abilities using mathematical theories.
  • To discuss concept of computer algorithms to find the optimal solution.
  • To discuss concept of analyzing the performance of algorithms.
  • To discuss concept of P & NP problems.
  • To study the implementation of innovative and effective teaching learning methodologies for imparting the course knowledge amongst the students /learners of the subject.
  • To formulate problems precisely, salve the problems, apply formal proofs techniques and explain the reasoning clearly.
  • To discuss applications of DAA, R programming Machine Learning.
  • To explore the concepts of discrete mathematics with its Engineering Application
  • To provide new insights and knowledge about the topic through close interactions/discussions with the senior Faculty Members/Scientists and Experts of the respective field.
  • To study how discrete objects combine with one another.
  • To understand how computer implementations are significant in applying ideas from discrete mathematics to real world problem
  • To learn appropriate use of set, function and relation models to understand practical examples, and interpret the associated operations and terminologies in context.
  • To determine number of logical possibilities of events and to learn logic and proof techniques to expand mathematical matur
  • Formulate problems precisely, solve the problems, apply formal proof techniques, and explain the reasoning clearly.

Various experts from industries and academic institutes had contributed to this workshop by their able guidance. Following topics get covered in this workshop.


1.        DAA basics and advance. by Dr. P. J. Kulkarni, Deputy Director, WCE, Sangli.


2.        Optimization problems and Heuristic Algorithms by Dr. A. C. Admuthe.


3.      Problem salving by using different methods by Dr. Parikshit N. Mahalle, BOS, Chairman, IT, SPPU, Pune.


4.        Genetic algorithms, Evolutionary algorithms and ANN Prof. Abhijit A. M.


5.      Complexity theory by Sunil Shelke, PICT Pune.


6.      About R programming by Prof. S. P. Pundlik, Pune.


7.      Supervised learning by Dr. Prachi Joshi.


This Short term training program was inaugurated by Dr . P. J. Kulkarni, Deputy Director, WCE, Sangli,Dr. Parikshit N. Mahalle BOS, Chairman, IT, SPPU, Pune, Dr.Prachi Joshi, SPPU, Pune, Dr. Sanjay A. Deokar, Campus Director Zeal Education Society,  Dr.  A.M.Kate  principal  Zeal  college  of  Engineering   and   Research, Dr. Prasad S. Halgaonkar (shift-I) and Dr. Swapnaja A. Ubale (shift-II)  Head of Computer Engineering Department, ZCOER.

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Training was planned in 3 parts by the BSNL administration.

Part 1: Theoretical Base Building.

Part 2: Practical’s  and Hands on Training.

Part 3: Visiting BSNL Exchange office at Karvenagar.

From the very first day the training was started and had a introduction lecture on the basics of Data Communication. During this Introduction lecture the faculty member delivered simple and all the basic information related to data communication.

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MAHATech An Exclusive Industrial Exhibition Visit

MAHATech 2018 is a medium where numerous extremely important products and solutions were been exhibited. Several of these tend to be about Electronics, Automation, Machine Tools, Instrumentation, Packaging and Industrial Equipments. It focuses is Small & Medium Enterprises from Engineering, Machinery, Machine Tools, Process Equipments, Electricals & Electronics, Instrumentation & Automation equipments.

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A workshop on PCB and Circuit Designing

The workshop was aimed to provide knowledge about simulation tool to test electronics & electrical circuit in software environment, PCB design software named Orcad & to make physical PCB at home so that any student can make project on his own. The workshop was conducted by Mr.Shivanand Rohinkar, Mr.Deepak Padmule from simpisis technologies.

Following content were covered in workshop:

(1) Schematic Design

(2) Component Footprint Design

(3) Integrated Library Design

(4 ) PCB Design & Routing

(5) Itching of PCB

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Farewell party

Farewell party was organized for the BE students at Seminar hall, Computer Department 4:00 PM on 19th April 2018. The function began with the Sarasvati Pooja and felicitation of Prof. S. A. Ubale (Head of Department  I.T). Later department has played a video clip for students in which all the memories of students has been recalled. Also students shared their views and experience about the department.

Prof. S. A. Ubale, Head of IT Department wished good luck to the final year students for their future. She also expressed his hope that students will continue holding best positions in upcoming university exams. Madam motivated students by sharing her own experience in her life. Also stated “A good student can do nothing in the absence of a good teacher and a teacher feels bad luck when he/she does not get a good student. It is teacher’s responsibility that he/she has to bring a student on the right track however, it is also the responsibility of a student to follow his/her teacher orders to be on the right track. They need to support each other equally”.

Prof. S. D. Bachpalle being a class in-charge expressed that, “Our students are very disciplined, well mannered, punctual and well responsive. They have well contributed to this college for years by helping the staff, organizing committee and other members of the college”.

Department has awarded Mr. Viraj Chavan “Best Outgoing Student Of The Year 2017-18”. Token of love and appreciation was given to the students by the department in “Memento distribution ceremony”. Refreshments for students & staff was arranged after the function.

Thus, an environment of enthusiasm was experienced by every student and was memorable event to all in the department.

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Report of Guest Lecture On “Programming in Open GL”

Guest lecture on  Programming in Open GLwas delivered by Mrs. Reshma Totare, AISSMS, IOIT ,Pune on for the target audience of  S.E (IT) students on  27/03/2018.

The speaker explained about Basic functions in Open GL, syntax, Chess Board implementation, rotation and filling. Also Polygon filling by mouse click. The speaker focused on new language Open GL and its syntax.

Overall the session was proven to be very inspiring and informative for students.

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Civil – AVISHKAR 2018

Third State Level project exhibition organized for diploma students. It is a biggest  exhibition in Pune where more than 400 students participate.

     This is an excellent platform to show the talent of students through their final year projects. These people also get facility to interact our department experienced faculty regarding future scope of project and fantastic guideline regarding career opportunities in Civil Engineering after diploma.

 This was really a celebration of  sharing the technical knowledge.

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Visit to Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation Water Treatment Plant

1. To generate interest in the subject environmental Engineering and water supply.
2. To introduce different activities carried out at Water Treatment Plant. .
3. To introduce Water Supply and Distribution Networks and SCADA.

Site Visit Outcomes:

  1. Students have got an idea about different components of Water Treatment Plant.
  2. Students could observe and study design measures of Water Treatment Plant.
  3. students could study water supply scheme and Operation and maintaniance of WTP
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eat fit event

As a part of extra curriculum activity, event management is skill that should always helps any budding manager in future carrier. On the same line zeal education society’s Zeal college of engineering & Research-Dept. of Management also nurture & supports all students, In campus & out of campus zeal encourages its student for co-curriculum & extra-curriculum activities. in campus activity like coordination of any Exam like CET,CAT,CMAT, society level Sport event like Ranaangan, Talenttron, Zeal-drag etc. out of campus in state & out state industrial visit, training programs in any MNC like Barclays,Infosysis, etc.

In the Early morning as per direction from Higher Authority all Students of three Management Institutes of Zeal group of Management Institutes including ZCOER, ZIBACAR, ZIMCA report to Campus at 6:30 a.m with faculty members. By college bus all Students & Faculty members moved to balewdi High street for eat fit event. Event organizers expect that all student volunteers should coordinate event by supporting stalls, ticket counter, cash collection, ticket checking & then allow visitors to sport arena. so we already discuss with our student about the same & likewise we made team for all task location.

This event was supported by various organizations like Radio partner-Radio City, Associated Partner Shiv Spurti Pratisthan, Pune, Beverage Partner- Grover Zampa, Knowledge Partner-Zeal Education society, Pune, Fitness Partner-Multifit, Activity Partner-Playscapcs.

All student volunteers reached to venue exactly at 07:00 a.m , all event organizers were preparing for the event, organizers well come us we took photographs with student volunteers. We all did our healthy breakfast by having smoky oats uppma. It was not so tasty but so energetic & healthy.

Morning session was lean but still health concious youngester were playing Holyball,basket ball arena,it was very pleasant to see all are playing a very sportily.

Mean while we got  opportunity to Talk with Mr.Vijay Adhav ,Innivative entrepreneur who came there for  Publicity & free demos of Joy Bicycles which run on battary , eco friendlly.all girls volunteers took ride on joy bike. It was very enthusiastic ,joyful experience for all , we determiined to follow eco friendlly norms for the smart city like Pune.

Along with joy bike, Mr.Adhav told us about other eco friendlly product invented by his company like Room freshner,Car fresher goof for those who  suffering from asthama & lung problems.He also promised u to visit Zeal campus in Near future.

 Hopefully we enjoy but other shops were also there for visit like Baramati agro,fruit e gate ,Amit ice cream, Grover Zampa  etc. still we eagerly waited for more visitors to come & see the foot ball & basket ball arena. But foot fall was less than our expectations.

In the afternoon also there was no much response till 1:30 we were entertaining few visitors. So finally after 1:30 we took break for lunch, they served us Healthy Veg-Grill sandwich & Cocam juice. This was the end of first shift morning batch, we all went to college campus for ending first shift & brought second shift batch, all went in college bus & reach to high street at exactly 02:30 p.m with faculty coordinator. After noon session also did not got much response but still few visitors buy passes of having Rs.100 charges. Till 09:00 P.M we all there for the event at 09:30 P.m we took same Healthy Veg-Grill sandwich & Cocam juice. Finally we all went to college campus through bus reached at 11:00 P.m

Date: 25th Feb 2018 Day 2

In the second day morning session batch reported to campus at 6:30 a.m reached to venue by 07:00 a.m. today also response was very less, hence authority from eat fit requested us to cancelled evening batch. we agreed for the same.

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Industries Visited: IIM-Ahemdabad, Amul-Anand, and Sabarmati Ashram.

Location: Baroda, Ahmadabad, Anand

Date: 7th Feb 2018 to 10th Feb 2018

Industries Visited: IIM-Ahemdabad, Amul-Anand, and Sabarmati Ashram.

Nos  of Student Participated in IV: 36

Nos of Faculty: Four

Every Year Zeal Education Society (ZES) arranges various industrial visits for the MBA students within state & outside the state to make them understand the actual working of various industries through demonstration. This varies from Small cottage industries to MNC’s. ZES had initially arranged industrial visits to Infosys, IIM – B, Times Group, Parle– G etc. Continuing the legacy this year ZES’s ZCOER-Dept of Management arranged an industrial visit to Indian Institutes of Management- Ahmadabad, Sabarmati Ashram-Ahmadabad, AMUL-Anand.

Date: 7th Feb 2018 Day 1

We travel till Evening on first day & yesterday night also. By the evening we reached to Baroda Tulsi Hotel. After half an hour rest & freshened up. We all went to visit Old Shiva Temple under Army base & Sayajee Rao Garden, Baroda For sight seen.

In the Night we all gather & had Dinner Together, after that we instructed students for tomorrows visit to IIM-Ahmadabad, all were so excited to visit Mother Institute of Management in the country.

Date: 8th Feb 2018 Day 2

zeal mba-002

Howards Steps in IIM-Ahmadabad.

After had a breakfast we all move from Baroda to Ahmadabad by Private bus. When we reached to IIM-A we all concerned person , after completion of entry formalities we meet together in  Seminar hall for learn to know that what is actually an institutes is all about, what is the philosophy of Management, faculties available for students, Placement, Infrastructure & alumina support to the Institutes. All these really mesmerized us very much. Authority allow us to sit in the IIM class room it was just heaven liking feeling for all the students & faculties, no need to mentioned that class room was well equipped with projector, sound system, wi-fi, world class seating arrangement, very  spacious & clean calls rooms were there.

After this visit we went to Sabarmati Ashram of Ahmadabad, there we watch on documentary on Mahatma Gandhijee, which shown entire work of Bapuji, importance of Indigenous business British era & its relevance (Swedishe) in current scenario also.

In the afternoon we all went to Akshardham Temple in Gandhinagar. Some facts about temple like -Opened October 30th, 1992, Inspired by HH Yogiji Maharaj (1892-1971 CE),

Created by His Holiness Pramukh Swami Maharaj (1921-2016 CE), Constructed by Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha (BAPS), 8,000,000+ volunteer hours from 4000+ volunteers around the world went into making the complex, Mandir built from intricately carved sandstone.

After Akshardham Temple visit, we reached to Hotel in the late evening & had a dinner Together. With all instruction related to reporting time for tomorrows visit to AMUL-

Date: 9th Feb 2018 Day 3

zeal mba-003

In the Morning we started our Journey to Laxmi-vilas Palace of  The great Sayaji Rao Gaiykwad. There our guide gave us detailed information about Histroy ,work,thinking of The great Sayaji Rao Gaiykwad.even though photo graphy was banned but we enjouyed beauty,legacy of palace.its largest palace of the this Continents by size , it take 21 years to complete this beautyfull palace.

We started our Journey all the way from Baroda to Anand From 8:30 morning to 1:30 we reached There & had lunch in Company premises, as per direction from AMUL authority, proposed time of visit was 2:00 P.M, We started with Dairy Museum they brief us about History of AMUL in documentary film form after that we went to inside the actual plant where technical person explained all process of Milk Powder, AMUL-Butter process,

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