Adopted village

Bhor is tahsil level place with population of 17,882. Males constitute 51% of the population and females 49%. It has an average literacy rate of 78%. Bhor Municipal Council has total administration over 4,059 houses to which it supplies basic amenities like water and sewerage. It is also authorize to build roads within Municipal Council limits and impose taxes on properties coming under its jurisdiction. The temple of Bhoreshwar, dedicated to Lord Shiva was a location for the film shoot. Bhor is home to a large number of educational institutes such as, primary schools, high schools as well as colleges some of them are

  1.   Raja Raghunathrao Vidhyalaya is 110 years old
  2.   Shivaji Vidyalaya
  3.   A.T. College
  4.   R. D. College of Pharmacy