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“Teachers Day Celebration”

On 5th September, birthday of Dr.Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, was celebrated in Mechanical department at seminar hall. His footsteps, the teachers follow, are being proved on Teacher’s Day. Teachers play a major role in making their students responsible citizens of tomorrow and good human beings. It is impossible to imagine our lives without teachers. They are the cornerstone of our future.The performance of students on stage exclusively for teachers were a memorable one. Students from class S.E., T.E. and B.E. were present and exhibited their talents as a treat to the teachers. The students from B.E. expressed their thankfulness to see their teachers and were full of beans. Followed by the speech given by various students one student from final year sang a song on guru vandana for the teachers.

All in all, it was celebration mode for everyone.



Autosculptor and Concept Car Art Competition

ZEAL – SAEINDA “Autosculptor and Concept Car Art Competition” took place in Zeal College of Engineering and Research on 21st September, 2016.

Event was successfully coordinated by Prof.Parit under the guidance of department HODs Dr. Dambhare (First Shift) and Dr. Ajit Kate (Second Shift) with enthusiastic support from all department facultiesand students.

This activity is an ideal example of inclusive participation at departmental and student level.

Gold medalist of Commonwealth Games (2010) Mr. Manoj Kumar @ZES Campus

The light welterweight boxer and gold medalist of Commonwealth Games (2010) Mr. Manoj Kumar interacted with young and zealous students of ZCOER in month of September, 2016.

His address for the students was highly encouraging and motivational.

With his presence the ZEAL Campus was extravagantly filled with sporty spirit and positiveness.

Swachha Bharat Abhiyan

Event held on 26th September, 2016 in Zeal Campus.

This event promoted the initiative of Govt. of India under the title of ‘ Swachha Bharat Abhiyan’ also spreading awareness about Road Safety and Voting process.

Event truely served the message of NSS, ‘to develop appreciation to other person’s point of view and also show consideration to other living beings.’


‘Automaniac’ event was held in Zeal College of Engineering & Research on 23rd & 24th September, 2016.

For this event, there was an overwhelming participation from Zeal students and other engineering colleges across Pune.

This initiative from Zeal is to build platform for students who share a ‘Common Passion for Cars.’

Zeal College of Engineering and Research celebrated Freshers Party

Zeal College of Engineering and Research celebrated Freshers Party on 22nd September, 2016.

The event was more as a discovering onself with various activities like Dance, Music and Singing.

Participation of beautifully dressed girls and charming boys with highly supportive and inspirational staff, the event was more like a family gathering.



Morality, Humanity & Technology

ITSA Event was organised by ZCOER’s IT department on 23rd September, 2016.

The event was the best example of ” Morality, Humanity & Technology”.

Event activities includes, Condolence to Uri (J&K) Soldiers, Wall Magzine, ITSA website inaugration and Students Project Poster Presentation.

Event was successfully organised by department faculties and students.

BRM Poster Competition

Based on Business Research Methodology Engg. MBA Department had oganised BRM Poster Competition on 21st September, 2016.

Total 40 students were participated enthusiactically.

Event was successfully coordinated by Prof. Kakandikar under the guidance of HOD Dr. Chavan and colossal and inclusive support from all MBA Faculties

“Guest lecture on Information and Cyber Security” by Mr. Anubhav Lal and Mr.Sagar Parmar organized by Prof. Shital Bachpalle

A Guest Lecture on “Cyber Security” was delivered by Mr. Sagar M Parmar is Certified Ethical Hacker and Mr. Anubhav Kumar Lal is Director, Cyber Security Studies and Research Laboratory (CSSRL) Accredited Extension Center Pune. On 27th September 2016 for the target audience of B.E (IT) students.

The speaker explained about Cyber Crime and Cyber Security mechanisms and tools with some live examples. The objective of the Guest lecture was to enlighten the students with the advanced technology in the Cyber Security.

Overall the session was proven to be very inspiring and informative for students.


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